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Food...Everybody needs it.

Food fuels our bodies and every living thing has a body of some kind. From basic functions to intense activity, food provides the protein, fat and carbohydrates, along with the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain equilibrium within our systems.  

We hope to share with you the best ways to feed not only your pets, but you as well.  After learning so much about animal nutrition, we took a step back to look at our own along the way.  Many people have said "my dog or cat eats better than I do", and that still holds true in our house on most days!  We humans really try though, and we allowed our pets' diets to inspire us to incorporate more fresh food into our own lives.  

Check back soon as we begin to explore the world of animal nutrition and share recipes and resources for all species. 

We are not veterinarians. We are smart and we are doing our research. We are sharing that information along with our personal experiences with our pets. None of the information contained in this blog and website is meant to replace a veterinarians care.

Recipes and More

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